Week of Reflection: Day 1

Week of Reflection: Day 1

For the halow project and many others around the UK, this week is about reflection. We have been through a year that most of us never even imagined was possible. There has been a lot of very sad, difficult, overwhelming and challenging times but there have also been wonderful, love-filled, magical moments. This week we have decided to reflect on the last 12 months while also focusing on the positives that halow, our staff and the young people have achieved. To start us off we have one of our Fantastic Senior Buddies – David!

“Before the Covid outbreak and the lockdowns, all of the young people would be very social and meet each other at a pub, activity or go to each other houses.

As this wasn’t possible, I have been running zoom discos once a month for the young people in the supported living houses. This enabled them to see and talk to each other and socialise and have fun dancing.

When I arrange a disco all the young people are excited and say they can’t wait to see each other, and I can see how happy they are when they are dancing and having fun with their friends.

Supporting the three young people in the house I am responsible for has been a challenge at times as they are all missing friends and family.  Other buddies and I try to make the time we are supporting them as fun as possible, such as playing music and dancing and singing as we prepare the evening meals. We also help to talk and give pastoral support when they are upset or worried and be someone for them to talk to or moan at and just talk out how they are feeling. Once they have been able to chat and they feel better we try to distract them by doing something fun and constructive such as artwork, baking etc.

When I am there supporting the ladies I always suggest going for a walk as exercise can always make you feel better and a lot of the time, they haven’t been out of the house all day. This also helps with their confidence with leaving the house again and that if they follow all of the covid guidelines it is ok for them to go out.

Having fun with the young people helped me to stay positive and at times forget that we were going through the lockdown.

Also sharing how I am feeling with them or showing I am having similar feelings I think helped them and me to know that a lot of people are going through the same things and having the same feelings.” David

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