halow’s Tribute to HRH Prince Philip

halow’s Tribute to HRH Prince Philip

Every year the halow young people in Building Futures year C take part in the Duke Of Edinburgh Award. This award has bought so many new challenges and so much fun, adventure and excitement to our young people’s lives. They have learnt how to work as a team and through many fears.

Last year the Year C Group in Building Futures learnt the definition of perseverance. They were not only challenged physically but mentally too. When a blistering heat wave turned into a thunderstorm and strong winds the young people learnt that this was a challenge that would change them positively for the future. Kirk our year C leader says “The Duke of Edinburgh award is a test for many young people. It is made especially harder with extreme weather conditions. I can honestly say that I am so proud of the group and everything that they achieved last summer. They rose to every challenge and accomplished them!”Well done Year C!

Adam from last year’s Year C said: “I have managed to do a very massive hike with my big camping bag my back during a strong heatwave. I have pitched a tent with no help at all. I have managed to cook packet pasta on a camping stove. I had been very brave about sleeping in a tent on a very windy night. I have managed another very massive hike with my big camping bag on my back on a rainy day. I learnt to tell my teammates the directions of where to walk and I finally managed a really longer walk back to the starting point with my big camping bag on my back on the last day. Ever since this D of E walking session, I have managed to do a lot of longer walking without moaning.” Well done Adam!!

Thank you so much HRH Prince Phillip for creating such an amazing expedition. Rest in peace.

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