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Young People with a Learning Disability

halow’s purpose is to support young people with a learning disability on their journey into and through adult life. Overall halow aims to ensure that every person with a learning disability has the same life choices and chances as any other person.


halow offers a unique blend of activities, giving our young people the chance to enjoy an active social life, make new friends, find further education and employment training through our various initiatives like Building Futures, Social Activities, A Reason To Get Up and the halow Buddy Service.

A Reason To Get Up

This programme aims to engage young people aged 16+ to take part in meaningful daytime activities within the local community. These activities give young people the same sense of purpose and satisfaction that other people of the same age gain from having a meaningful vocation.

Social Activities

halow’s first initiative in 2009 was a Social Activities programme for our young people. At that time, it was a just a small group, but since then, halow has grown its social calendar to engage just under 200 young people.

Building Futures

halow‘s Building Futures Group is a training and development programme for our young people. This exciting curriculum is a full-time option allowing them to gain confidence and increase their ability to make informed choices about their individual futures.

Buddy Service

The Buddy Service works on a one to one basis with our young people to give individual support and encouragement. Each Buddy is matched with a young person with emphasis being placed on mutual interests and age matching.

Want to find out more?

With so many support options available, it can be hard to choose which is the right one for you. So, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more. Please call 01483 447960 or email info@halowproject.org.uk for more info.

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