Community Celebration: Art & Action Animation

Community Celebration: Art & Action Animation

Please watch this beautiful, thought-provoking short film that Crafty Creations were involved in making. You might recognise some of the voices from halow young people.

The film is the outcome of a series of virtual workshops with participants from the Art for All Community Learning Programme at Watts Gallery, held during the course of the Art & Action: Making Change in Victorian Britain exhibition.

Facilitated by artist Lily Ash Sakula, each workshop invited participants to discuss the paintings, share ideas and explore the themes of the exhibition through the lens of their own experiences. Participants were prompted to give voices to the silent subjects of these paintings and to imagine radically hopeful futures that we could all inhabit. As Lily Ash Sakula states: “we need art not just to reflect reality but to help us envision what could happen next; because we cannot build a better future without first imagining it.” 

The film, edited and directed by Lily Ash Sakula, is composed of drawings and recordings made during the workshops with the Woking Women Centre, halow, User Voice and the families programme and in response to resources sent into local schools and HMP YOI Bronzefield. 

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