Can You Support halow?

Can You Support halow?

Everyone at halow hopes that both you and your family are staying safe and well at this difficult time.

As many of you reading this will know, halow is a charity for young people with a learning disability.

Our young people are often on the fringes of society at the best of times, so now they are finding themselves more isolated than ever before. Many have underlying health conditions, have completely lost the network they rely on, and are worried about halow’s future. 

We, of course, want to do all that we can to ensure that we are here for our young people during this crisis and into the future.

In line with Government advice, we had to make the difficult decision to suspend a number of our community-based services. Some of our direct support work is, of course, continuing through our dedicated team.

On top of this, we have developed a package of remote support for young people during this phase of the crisis. This means that many of our services will continue through online session content and activities, as well as continued pastoral support and keep in touch sessions online. We started to deliver this on Monday 23rd March and have already had some great feedback.

Like many other small charities, halow’s future is now uncertain. Fundraising events are a crucial form of income for us and all fundraising activities and events have now had to be been postponed, with potentially damaging implications on our future. 

But we are not giving up. Closing our service down would be devastating for the young people we support – and have supported over so many years.

If you are able to support halow during this challenging time, we would be very grateful; we do need your help more than ever.

Please follow the link and make an online donation Donate online.

Thank you

Every penny will go towards supporting our charitable work

Here’s an example of a good news story that embodies halow’s spirit:

Joe has attended halow’s Building Futures programme 4 days per week since September. On day one Joe shared with his group that he had huge anxiety about even joining the programme, but that the first day had made him feel like he was in a good place.

Joe then gradually built his confidence, social network, community and life skills on the programme; but now Building Futures is postponed in line with government advice. We have started to deliver online content to our groups, and Joe was quick to show us how his confidence has increased. This report came in from his Building Futures year leader:

“Joe has been using the network to help his friends to keep their rooms tidy and generally keep a routine. He discussed doing things in little steps as it makes it easier and taught them how to fold up clothes and put them away. Joe has said that he is happy to create a video for us to share with people. He is also keen to go out and buy a folder to put his work into that he is sent by us. He is thrilled that the programme is still running as he has been so happy, and he is also very proud of himself for helping his friends. Well done Joe!!”

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