Background Changes at halow

Background Changes at halow

Whilst halow has an excellent reputation for providing amazing experiences and support for our young people, we know that we can do even more by continuing to grow. We have many new young people patiently waiting to access our quality services and this requires more staff recruitment and more efficient office processes. To enable this to happen, the Trustees and Senior Leadership Team identified that we needed to make a number of key changes.

Firstly, we have moved halow Care (a ‘community interest company’) services to now fall under the umbrella of halow Project (the charity). This will allow us to fundraise more money for our care services as part of the charity and make our back-office functions more efficient.

Secondly, we have simplified and updated our technology. A new accounting package, a new human resources and training system, and a new electronic timesheet/rota app have all been introduced since April which will free up staff time to deliver activities or support and develop colleagues and the business. New recruitment and staff training processes are also underway.

Over the next 6-12 months, these back-office changes will allow us to make significant differences to frontline delivery by expanding project services such as Building Futures, increase our outreach Buddy Services and open new supported living houses.

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