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A Reason To Get Up (ARTGU) offers meaningful daytime activities to young people aged 16+ within the Surrey Community.


ARTGU provides a whole programme of opportunities to make the most of young people’s interests; it supports them in learning new important life skills that can help them to find a satisfying vocation. We offer weekly sessions of different activities focused around fitness, technology, art and craft as well as horticulture and cooking – all within safe, fun and friendly environments.


The activities are available on a half-day or full day basis every week, for 47 weeks of the year.



The key to our approach is providing creative, fresh, innovative experiences for our young people. These opportunities encourage them to build upon their own hobbies, interests and passions, which in turn motivates them to explore vocational opportunities with increased confidence.


For more information, please contact Aisha on: Aisha.Ariakutti@halowproject.org.uk

Fit Club

Every Tuesday (am)


This activity will aim to promote an active and healthier lifestyle towards positive physical and mental health.


Through Fit Club’s partnership with Guildford Spectrum, this activity can offer a programme of energetic weekly gym sessions, monthly exercise classes (e.g. yoga, boxfit, tai chi etc) and weekly health related topic sessions (e.g. sugar and diet).


“Fit Club is fun because it is good and gives you energy, it’s given me motivation to keep going and new ever give up!”

IT Crowd

Every Tuesday (pm)


This activity is a technology based session combining the use of software that are simplified versions of what is used in the technology industry as well as supporting the development of general IT skills.


Activities may involve game making, 3D printing, presentation skills, coding, programming, job skills or internet safety sessions.


IT Crowd is always engaging, educational and, most importantly, lots of fun!


“I love doing animation on the computer and making presentations. I feel more confident after learning new skills like using new software on the computer”.

Crafty Creations

Every Wednesday (pm)


Crafty Creations offers engagement with art and crafts in a safe, inclusive and imaginative environment led by an experienced art tutor.


The activity enables artist-led sessions where the young people have the opportunity to learn and experiment with different craft and art techniques whilst promoting their individual creativeness.


Through Crafty Creations partnership with Watts Gallery and Disability Arts in Surrey, artists can develop new and transferable skills as well as the opportunity to showcase their work.


“I love all the people and doing the arts and crafts. I like making art with Watts. It has taught me skills which I can use.”

Cook and Grow

Every Thursday (am and pm)


2019 Guildford in Bloom Gold award winners.


These sessions will help young people understand where food comes from, how it is grown, nutrition, the benefits of growing your own food and creative ways to cook food products people may normally find boring!


Sessions will mostly be based at a local kitchen garden and will involve young people learning how to grow food on site and then learning how to cook from the ground to the plate. Young people have incredible fun learning how to grow their own food as well as the skills they need to cook their produce. As they develop their skills, we can offer relevant training and work experience at community events.


“I love Cook and Grow because it promotes new beginnings, every session is different”

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