Building Futures

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    The Building Futures Group (BFG) is an exciting training and development programme for young people with a learning disability. The BFG supports young people to gain confidence and increase their ability to make informed choices about their future. 

    The Building Futures Group provides life-skills training to prepare young people for independence- developing self confidence, leadership and team work. It gives young people a sense of purpose to their daily lives and something productive with their time. The young people have the opportunity to explore new things and to take part in a wide range of activities within the community, supported by the Building Futures team which includes the Peer to Peer volunteers. We work together with a range of partner organisations such as Surrey Outdoor Learning (SOLD) at Henley Fort, where the group learns skills such as rock climbing, canoeing, low rope courses and cooking on an open fire, all of which are completed at the appropriate level and pace for the young person.

    The BFG has helped young people to develop practical and personal skills from attending the programme. This has enabled them to make informed choices about their future and create independent and fufilled lives. Previous students have made the following achievements:

    • Live independently
    • Returned as Peer to Peer volunteers
    • Joined halow's Youth Committee
    • Undertaken work experience
    • Volunteered within the community
    • Participated in halow's other projects
    • Working with employment agencies in the local area

    Example of a young person's feedback of the Building Futures Group:

    Which sessions of BFG do you enjoy the most?

    "Relationships, rock climbing and canal boats."

    How has BFG helped you?

    "It has helped my confidence. I gained friendships and have learned new things. It has helped me with my listening skills."

    What does the BFG programme mean to you?

    "BFG is fun! You can socialise with friends and experience things I wouldn't otherwise for example cooking and learning about different religions."

    Not everyone looking at the BFG website would know what BFG do. What would you tell them to help them understand?

    "It helps people with learning disabilities to live and be more independent and helps us to not stay at home doing nothing."

    Over the 3 year-long programme, young people are supported in developing a Circle of Support and in drawing up a Person Centred Plan outlining their life goals. Building Futures runs four days per week for approx. 6 hours a day for 49 weeks of the year. There is a cost for this programme and is therefore suitable for young people with their own funding or a personal budget. For more information or to refer a young person to this program please contact Mel