Financial Benefits

  • For some it can be a daunting prospect to claim what our young people are entitled to, however the benefits claimed can go towards paying for halow buddies and social activities which all help to improve the quality of life for our young people and pave the way for a more independent future. We have added information for each of these subjects in the relevant section of our website, at first glance it all seems a little complicated, but bear with it and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Personal Independent Payment (PIP) is a benefit for people aged 16 to 64 with either a long term health condition or a disability, you could claim between £21.80 and £139.75 per week depending on your disability, to make a new claim visit and complete an online assessment.

    PIP is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA), if you are currently receiving DLA you will be notified in writing by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) as to when you need to make a claim for PIP, not everyone will be contacted to claim straight away, you’ll continue to get DLA until DWP writes to you to notify you when it will end.

    Find out more about PIP

    Welfare Reform PIP

    Employment Support Allowance

    Employment Support Allowance (ESA) is tax-free state benefit given to young people aged 16 and over and provides financial help to people who are unable to work because of illness or disability.  It also provides personalised support to those who are able to work.

    To claim ESA you must be at least 16 years old, be under pensionable age (ESA stops when you reach retirement age).

     How to claim ESA

    The quickest way to apply for Employment and Support Allowance is by phone:

    • Telephone: 0800 055 6688
    • Textphone: 0800 023 4888

    You can also log onto and download a Form ESA1 which you can send to your local Jobcentre Plus Office. 

    Or use the interactive version of form ESA1 and fill it out online.

    You will undergo a work capability assessment for the first 13 weeks of your claim, in which time you will receive an assessment phase rate as follows:

    Age of Claimant Weekly Amount           
    Single person under 25 years of age

    up to £57.90           
    Single person 25 years of age and over                

    up to £73.10            

    The main phase then starts from week 14 of your claim, if the Work Capacity Assessment shows that your disability does limit your ability to work, the amounts are as follows:

    Single person in the Work Related Activity Group

    up to £102.15            
    Single person in the Support Group  up to £109.30            

    Your benefit will be paid into a bank account of your choice.

    Find out more information on ESA here

    ESA will eventually be replaced by Universal Credit, find out more here.

    Self Directed Support - Personal Budgets

    Self Directed Support is for any adult with a disability or long term health issue who is entitled to receive social care. A ‘Personal Budget’ is money paid by social services, either quarterly or monthly, to enable you or the person you care for to buy the support needed to live independent lives.  It’s designed to give more choice and control over the services and support needed.

    You can find out if you or the person you care for is entitled to receive self directed support by calling the Surrey Transition Team on 01276 800270 or contact your current care practitioner who will be able to help you through the process.

    If you are entitled you will then be awarded an indicative personal budget, a full support plan will then be produced, the support plan will cover areas the individual requires support in for example; help with personal care, preparing food, making important life decisions, work, leisure, learning support and transport.  When the support plan has been approved the personal budget will be set and paid either into a bank account of your choice or a prepaid account solely for your direct payments, if you decide to set up your own bank account you will be expected to keep records and complete a quarterly reconciliation form to Surrey County Council Finance Department, alternatively if you decide to set up a prepaid account, you will be given a debit card to pay for the services you use, you will be able to pay for services by internet banking and there is no need to send reconciliation form to Surrey County Council.

    Find out more information on prepaid accounts for direct payments here