Young People prove that Disability Works at Philips Work Experience Day

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    ARTGU’s young people had an enjoyable and informative day at Philip’s UK headquarters in Guildford recently. It was amazing what was covered during the day and will prove to be immensely useful to any of the young people who want to include this in their CV when looking for work.

    Philip’s took the young people through various aspects of a business including marketing, sales, stock control, taking orders from customers and customer service. Our young people were given two products and were responsible for creating marketing posters.

    They also tried out two Philip’s products and made a sales pitch, learned where products were sold, logged orders on a spreadsheet, worked out invoice costs and checked that there was enough stock to sell on inventory lists. Finally they learned how to give assistance and advice to customers with different issues and work out the appropriate answer to give them.

    Aisha Ariakutti, A Reason To Get Up Co-ordinator said, “All in all it was an amazingly useful and fun day, giving our young people a chance to practice the skills they learned. Thanks once again to Philips for making it possible. We look forward to more days like this for our young people.”

    Louise Moore, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition at Philips said, “The Taster Day was an enjoyable event and importantly experiences like this help us as an employer to understand what people with learning disabilities can achieve with the right support. Feedback from all involved has been extremely positive and as well as planning to run this as an annual event, we are also in discussions to offer work experience placements. Thank you all for your engagement and energy!”

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