Work Experience with halow: Chloe's Story

Rose Connolley
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    Last week we were delighted to be joined by our lovely Work Experience student Chloe. Read on to see how she got on throughout the week, and find out her thoughts about doing Work Experience at halow!

    Monday: On my first day at the halow office I was really nervous about meeting everyone and the week I had ahead of me. When I first arrived at the office, Ann introduced me to everyone. I had an induction meeting which helped me understand what the halow project was about.

    After the induction I got started with my first task researching Lions Clubs in Surrey. At the beginning I was finding it easy however when it came to inputting the research into Excel I began to struggle. This caused me to get a bit upset however Jane the Finance Manager was able to calm me down and make me feel better. Jane helped me realise that the staff at halow were all there to support me. Even though the beginning of my day went a bit downhill, by the end of the day I was feeling great and couldn’t wait to come back the next day.                                                                                                                                             

    Tuesday: I spent my day helping the Fundraising team in the office until the afternoon when I went out with Aisha and young people Chim and Michael to the IT Crowd, part of the A Reason to Get Up service. It was very interesting finding out what the young people get up to and what they are able to do on a computer. Additionally I was very impressed with Michael’s Doctor Who website.

    Wednesday: I went to Hobbycraft in the morning with Aisha to collect materials ready for Thursday’s arts and crafts activities at Gosden House School. It was quite hard to find all the right colours we needed but we did it in the end.  For the rest of the day I continued to help out in the office, filling in information packs and organising stamps.

    Thursday: When I arrived at the office I met up with Social Activities Assistant Jill so that we could travel to Gosden House School together. When we arrived at the school, the arts and crafts started, beginning with creating bunting. I helped Anna, a halow young person. I enjoyed getting to know the young people and learning about their different strengths and weaknesses.  Our table was the first to use all the fabric which moved us on to next task of making ceiling decorations. Finally, after completing the arts and crafts we all moved into the apple orchard for our lunch. 

    When I headed back to the office I met a few more young people who were getting ready to go on their camping trip on a canal boat. They were extremely friendly and I loved meeting them. Later that day I helped out at the Music Group social activity, getting myself involved in the filming of the music video of their song Dance with Me. I was really impressed that they had made the song and came up with the idea for the music video themselves. Thursday was a lovely day. I really enjoyed getting to know the young people.

    Friday: Sadly, the last day of my work experience came along. I had really enjoyed my week at halow and part of me didn’t want to leave. On Friday, I got the chance to be Hector the bear! This was a fun and entertaining experience. Ann and my mum helped me walk around Guildford High Street dressed as Hector where I posed for photos with members of the public, thanking everyone who voted for halow to have its own place on the Guildford Monopoly board game.

    The whole week was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every second of it! I will remember the staff, young people and the memories I made forever and I’m looking forward to possibly volunteering with the halow project in the future!