Volunteers Week 2019: A message from the Director of halow

Bryony Young
  • Volunteers Week

    “Volunteers are the lifeblood of the voluntary sector and certainly a huge part of the halow family especially in delivering our group activities with halow project. 

    Volunteers support our daytime life skills sessions, evening activities and holiday trips and help provide an extra pair of eyes and ears and a helping hand for our young people. 

    They bring a huge amount of skills energy and expertise in all different areas, act as role models, helpers and companions to the young people in our groups. Staff and young people alike value our volunteers and look forward to seeing them and working with them. 

    We value our halow volunteers everyday but this week in particular we want to say a big thank you to everyone who volunteers with halow. Some of whom have been with us for many years. 

    There are so many reasons to become a volunteer, for the learning, to build your CV, but we know at halow that volunteering us can seriously enhance your life! Volunteers tell us that volunteering with halow has been a decision they would never regret bringing them into a sector they might never have discovered and meeting and helping some truly inspiring people. 

    We are seeking more volunteers for daytime,  evening and holiday trip fun and whether you have an hour or two to give or a whole day we can use your help and would welcome you to the team. We’ll work with you to match your time, interests and skills to our groups and train, mentor and guide you. 

    Thank you to everyone who volunteers now or who has ever volunteered for halow- we simply can not run our activities without your help! 

    If you’d like to join the ever growing halow family of volunteers please do email us. 

    Best wishes and happy National Volunteers Week to you all ! 

    Ann Kenney,
    Director of the halow project and halow care