The Building Futures Group are halow heroes at the Guildford Lions Raft Race

Rose Connolley
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    We are so proud of our Building Futures young people who showed amazing effort in this year's Guildford Lions Raft Race! After weeks of preparation, from building a raft from scratch to getting used to the waters, six brave young people took on the challenge. The Building Futures Assistant Manager Mel Simmonds, said: "This has been 2 years in the making. We are extremely lucky to work in partnership with SOLD who have helped with the planning and practise sessions."

    SOLD (Surrey Outdoor Learning) works with the group at Henley Fort. Young people have the opportunity to learn skills such as rock climbing, canoeing, low rope courses and cooking on an open fire, all of which are completed at the appropriate level and pace for the young person. We have partnered with SOLD for a number of years and we were thrilled to have them on board to support the young people on their Raft Race quest. 

    On the day of the race, the group were able to use the skills they had gained over the year of attending Building Futures. Young people displayed confidence, showing true grit to build the raft through hail and heavy downpours even before the race began. None of the group chose to swap out of the raft even though they were given the opportunity to do so.

    It took the group just under TWO HOURS to complete the course! They remained focused and kept their spirits high. The group were out of their comfort zone so completing the race was an amazing achievement. The young people learned what could be achieved by working as a team in a physically demanding activity. They all came out with smiles on their faces and even won a trophy for the award of Exceptional Effort and Determination!

    Thanks to James from SOLD for the wonderful support throughout, as well as providing the equipment and teaching the group how to build and paddle the raft.