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The 2012 2boats challenge for halow is a huge success

Diane Bird
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    Damon Hill may be best known for zooming around the track on four wheels but, in May of this year, he took to two wheels as part of a Putney to Guildford bike ride to raise money for charity.  There was only one catch; Damon and his team  cycled the route…via France.!”

    The 250 mile detour raised over £45000 for halow!

    Organised by George Willis of Putney-based construction recruitment firm GM Recruitment, the ride comprised 45 friends and colleagues who set off from the Boathouse in Putney and headed south to Newhaven from where they crossed the channel and continued their journey via Dieppe before reaching Pegasus bridge in Caen, scene of one of World War II’s most iconic battles. 

    After a brief pit stop, the team  then headed for home via Portsmouth, completing the entire journey within 48 hours.  They returned to Guildford on Sunday May 6 where a “journey’s end/welcome home” party was held courtesy of Jamie’s restaurant. Director of halow, Yvonne Hignell said: “Events like this are fantastic and really make a big difference to our young people.  A big thank you to all of the cyclists who took part !