Surrey Scorchers visit halow young people

Rose Connolley
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    Surrey Scorchers Basketball team players visited halow young people and introduced them to Walking Basketball. 

    Young people attending the Haslemere Workshop were delighted to welcome the latest additions to the Surrey Scorchers roster, Jordan Williams and Alhaji-Allie Fullah for the day. Around 30 young people got involved with shooting hoops, learning the basic methods and had lots of fun trying something new!

    Walking Basketball is a walking paced version of the exhilarating sport our young people are used to seeing on TV. It is suitable for people of all abilities, so it was a brilliant opportunity for all young people on the Social Activities programme to give it a try.

    A number of halow young people enjoy watching basketball and are fans of Surrey Scorchers so we were delighted to work with them and hope to see more of them in the future!