Support Eating Italian Food?!?

Nicholas Cross
  • OlivoYP.JPG

    There are many ways to support halow, now you can do it by eating spag bol! One of Guildford’s best-loved restaurants, Olivo in Quarry Street, has teamed up with its neighbour, the halow project, to raise money for us throughout the rest of the year. 

    The partnership announced today, follows the recent launch of Olivo’s new menu, which features dozens of traditional Italian dishes. One of which, is their ever-popular Spaghetti Bolognaise classic. For every customer ordering this dish, Olivo will donate 50p from the sale to halow.

    Fundraiser, Hannah Adair commented: “We’ve a long standing relationship with Olivo and are so touched that they should want to formalise something with us in this way.

    “Our young people and members of the halow team walk past the restaurant every day and we always get a wave and a smile from the Olivo team – they are so supportive of what we do and we are very grateful.”

    Olivo Proprietors Fulvio and Nicky Bertani are happy to get involved as Fulvio said: “We’ve been here on Quarry Street since 1997 and truly feel part of Guildford and the community. halow does a great job in supporting young people with a learning disability and we are proud and delighted to help them in this way. Our customers too have expressed considerable interest and support and we hope that lots of them will be ordering our Spaghetti Bolognaise.”

    Get down to Olivo and order the mouthwateringly delicious spaghetti bolognaise now.

    If you have a restaurant or business that would like to support halow please email