Special Report – Day 2 Young People’s Static Ride in Guildford halow250 2018

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    Today outside Waitrose Guildford the second team of young people took part in day 2 of the static bike ride. On Day 1 young people and supporters achieved 121 miles on Bike 1 and 115 miles on Bike 2, with Sam Austin also on target for his own “Epic Challenge”.

    Customers and well wishers flocked to the store to see the young people and cheer them on, find out more about halow and the halow250 bike ride and make donations to their fundraising cause! Our young people are our best ambassadors for the charity and spoke to customers and supporters all day. Jules, the store manager said, “We are delighted to host this event for the halow young people. We love working with halow and are proud to have had such an association with them since we opened two years ago.”

    Ann Kenney, Director of halow project, commented, “I am so proud of everyone at halow this weekend in particular. Everyone has pulled together to make this weekend a terrific awareness raising and fundraising event for the charity. The reaction of the local people to this event has been wonderful. Young people have been proud to be able to showcase their talents and skills, their commitment to the training, their communication skills and confidence. Their ownership of the charity and their love of all things halow is always humbling and everyone at halow strives to ensure we do our best every day working with and for them. The support and solidarity shown by our young people for the riders of the halow250 cycling today in France is extraordinary and I know they really do appreciate it!”

    By the end of Day 2 today (Saturday) both bikes were at 225 miles completed! An awesome effort.

    Young people will be at the store early on Sunday to complete their cycling challenge of 250 miles across this weekend. They will then make their way to Welcome Home Party to welcome the cyclists back from France.

    Young person Sam Austin has been doing his very own epic challenge on a static bike over Friday and Saturday outside Waitrose. Tomorrow he is due to cycle the final route of Day 3 of the halow250 from Portsmouth to Clock Barn Hall, Godalming. Sam would have cycled the entire 250 miles by himself. Such an enormous achievement. Feeling tired today at the end of two hard days cycling, Sam said, “I am determined to do it. I’ve trained hard for it and I want to cycle in with the rest of the halow250 team!”

    Sam, you are an inspiration to us all. We sincerely hope you get a good rest tonight. Tomorrow you ride again!


    You can donate to the young people's static ride here https://goo.gl/cn7Lr3

    You can donate to Sam’s Epic Challenge here  https://goo.gl/h4Vb8F

    All monies go to the halow project. We are extremely grateful to all the young people for their efforts and for all donations towards this truly inspiring challenge.