Mencap visits halow young people to talk the EU Referendum

Rose Connolley
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    On Thursday 23 June the EU Referendum is taking place to decide whether Britain stays in or out of the European Union. Everyone in the UK is entitled to vote on the day to have their say by voting at their local polling station. The EU Referendum is a complicated subject so it was a great opportunity to have Mencap Ambassador and Campaigns Officer, Eve Jackson, visit the Building Futures Group to discuss the all-important vote.

    The session started with Eve telling the young people why the EU Referendum came to be after the re-election of David Cameron in May 2015. She reminded young people that everyone over the age of 18 is entitled to vote. This was followed up with an interactive task in which young people were instructed to split into small groups to name all the countries in the EU and describe what reminds them of the countries they had thought of. This task helped the groups to familiarise with all the different countries and many of the young people were surprised to learn there are 28 countries in the EU.

    The group all had differing opinions which made for a great debate. One young person said that a benefit of staying in the EU "is good as we can be friends with other countries and share information easier" whilst another young person said that a negative was that "bad people could come in to the country". Some people in the group thought that there should be no borders and some people felt there should. 

    Eve presented a list of 10 easy answer questions to help young people decide to vote leave or vote remain. After the group had finished the quiz, all but two young people voted in a mock polling station. The result was very interesting! We would like to thank Eve and Mencap for helping our young people learn more about the referendum.