Love halow 2019

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    Love halow is a month to celebrate the amazing relationships created at halow. We promote a lot of our workshops and programmes to show the independence the people we support develop- but the friendships and fun built on a day to day basis is quite possibly the most important part of what we do. halow is a safe space for young people with a learning disability to be themselves, make lifelong friends and build the confidence to meet new people and partake in new hobbies.


    This month, show your love for halow with a cheesy, novelty office fundraiser! We have a couple of ideas, but if you’d like some charity tins, banners or Love halow lapel pins, get in touch with the fundraising team at or call us on 01483 477 960.


    1.       Valentines Fete

    Fetes are really all about games and cakes, right? Why not organise an in-office Valentines day fete and take Valentines Day cheese to the next level. Heart shaped cookies, cream teas, pink lemonade, red velvet cupcakes- make it pink or heart-shaped and you have a Valentines day themed treat! Try our Lovehalow shortbread recipe: 


    ·         55g caster sugar

    ·         125g margarine

    ·         Two handfuls dark chocolate chips

    ·         180g plain flour



    ·         Beat margarine and sugar until pale yellow colour (around 3-5 minutes of mixing)

    ·         Sift in the flour slowly until you get a thick paste. Add chocolate chips.

    ·         Roll on to a well-floured surface until approx. 1cm thick. If you only roll in one direction, you get a more even thickness both ends.

    ·         Take your most twee-shaped cookie cutter (heart, flowers, stars, bunnies all acceptable!) and cut as many as you can fit. Depending on the cutter, you can make on average 10-15.

    ·         These don’t spread, so you can place them around 2cm apart from each other on a lightly oiled baking tray.

    ·         Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 20 minutes.

    Why not host some in-office games to complete the fete experience- miniature coconut shine, pin the tail on the donkey and a good welly-throwing competition brings out the fun (and competition) in people in the office you might not interact with on a daily basis.


    2.       Speed networking

    Like speed-dating, but less awkward silences and potential for excellent new working relations.

    This works exactly the same as speed dating, only with people in all different departments of your office. This is a great way to get to know people you often won’t interact with at work, and a fun twist on a humdrum networking event. Why not invite your office neighbours, or local companies you regularly partner with? The more the merrier!


    3.       Cupid race

    Ok, this is essentially a Valentines Day idea of a mini-marathon. Why not do a sponsored run in a toga and a pair of wings? You’re bound to get more sponsors with a hint of humiliation thrown into it!


    4.       Valentines Delivery Service

    This involves dressing up again… but to a designated cupid! Donate £1 so have a Valentines day note delivered in-office. Say thank-you to a team member, send a joke to your friend in another department, or just an all-round ‘have a great Valentines Day’ to your colleague.

    5.       Lippie Day

    Simple- everyone wears their brightest, poutiest lipstick for the day! Pay £1 to take part and have a vote (names in a hat) on who wore it best. To make it fun, get everyone involved- you’re bearded manager could be crowned winner. Get in touch with us at for prizes and ideas.



    Have a fantastic time dressing up, tasting sweet treats and spreading the halow love this February! Don’t forget, you can win a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates for every #lovehalow hashtag you share on Twitter or Facebook. Make sure to tag us @halowproject when you share your photos!