Help halow with Give a Gift

Rose Connolley
  • giveasyoulive.jpg

    Give as you Live has launched Give a Gift, a new way to support halow project!

    Did you receive an unwanted gift card last Christmas? No need to throw it away! You can swap it for a gift card you really want and support halow young people at the same time. Make a difference by donating your gift card, and getting something back.

    How does it work?

    1. Click here to see the Give a Gift website

    2. Search 'halow project' in the search engine provided

    3. Enter the value of your current gift card and the percentage you wish to donate to halow- that percentage will be used as a donation.

    It is up to you how much of a donation you would like to give to halow. For example, if you have a £10 gift card and you select the option of a 50% donation to halow you will get £5 back towards a gift card of your choice. It is all totally free to use- make a difference with Give a Gift!