Happy haloween!

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    Happy haloween! It’s getting darker earlier, there’s a chill in the air, and everything with a smell or taste is ‘pumpkin spice’… and we love it. What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than with a themed fundraiser in your home, office or school?

    Fundraising for halow doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you have our handy guide to a spooktastic money-raising event. With enthusiasm and some prep, you can have a really fun day whilst raising ever-vital funds for the halow project. Let’s get started!


    Games and competitions

    Divide into teams or strive to take glory alone! Pay per participation in a variety of themed games. Easy to organise and office-friendly, depending on how competitive your team are!

    ·         Witches hat ring toss. A triangle of witches hats, and hoops to throw- points per hat!

    ·         Wrap the mummy. Two people (the ones who don’t want to dress up, preferably) stand still whilst their teammate wraps them head to toe in toilet roll. Whoever uses the whole roll quickest, wins!

    ·         Apple bobbing. Green apples, and a couple of tennis balls to make it trickier! A less refreshing version is bobbing for sweets in a bowl/bucket of flour.

    ·         Pin the tail on the cat.

    ·         Pumpkin stomp. a variety of different coloured balloons. Teams assigned balloons to pop using their feet, the most balloons of your colour win.

    ·         Spider throw. in an unused doorway or between to chairs, make a web of Sellotape between the two. Through 5 plastic/felt/card spiders and points per which you get to stick. Eyeball-decorated Ping-Pong balls also convenient.

    ·         Tin bowling. Literally a game of bowls, only with decorated tins.

    ·         Pumpkin pong. Similar idea to beer pong- can be small pumpkin cups/holders if needed, only instead of being alcohol based there are forfeits/dares/points in the other teams cups.

    ·         Guess the horror movie quote/title

    ·         Pumpkin painting

    ·         Halloween bingo.

    ·         Pet fancy dress

    ·         Best ‘trick’ of the day.


    An oldie but a goodie

    Is there a more traditional fundraising method then baking? We think not! Keep it fresh by having your treats haloween themed. Cobweb cupcake, anyone?

    It goes without saying-

    Is it even haloween unless everyone is in fancy dress? Make a competition out of it and see people really get into it- the more handmade, the better! Send us your photos and we’ll share our favourites.

    The real horror story...

    halow relies on the fundraising from our supporters to continue helping young people with a learning disability live their life to the full. We’re so lucky to have so many proactive people in our community who help us, we’d love to see everyone get into the haloween spirit this October 31st. Contact fundraising@halowproject.org.uk for fundraising advice and supplies.