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halow Sky Dive pushed supporters to their limits!

Hannah Adair
  • Jack drop.JPG

    Four intrepid adevnturers took to the skies in September to raise vital funding for the halow project. Raising over £2000 by pushing themselves to the limit, completing a tandem sky dive. It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies as we waited at the airfield for their turn to jump. It was a really fun day and the all of the jumpers really enjoyed the day! Jack has even asked if he can do it again next year!

    Thank you to Kerry Matthews, Chris Wallis, Jack Best and Kirstie Davidge - Stringer you guys are halow's heros!

    If you would like to see more photos from the day take a look at the Sky Dive Gallery

    If you would like register for a halow sky Dive just follow the steps on the link below or if you would like more information please contact hannah.a@halowproject.org.uk

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