halow's Young People Strike a Pose

Nicholas Cross
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    Young people from halow's A Reason To Get Up & The Building Futures Group had an amazing time in a two part photo shoot.  The first part, in February, involved travelling to Westminister College, London, where photographer Kitty Day took pictures of staff, volunteers & young people in a professional studio. Kitty is studying photography and wished to use halow's young people at models for her final year project titled, Control.

    halow was also given access to their own studio were the young people could practice using digital SLRs, lighting umbrellas and other photography equipment.

    The second part of the shoot was in April at the Aggie Club in Guildford. This was an opportunity for the young people to edit their pictures in anyway and be as creative as possible. We're hoping to hold an exhibition of the finished pictures so keep an eye out for this on our events page.

    A huge thanks to Kitty, Westminister College and The Aggie Club for their support with this creative and fun opportunity.