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halow's Famous Five!

Hannah Adair
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    This week is National Volunteers week, and to celebrate this each day halow will be adding a volunteer to the website to acknowledge everything our ‘Famous Five’ have done for us.

    Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, you make halow the best we can be!


    Monday's Famous five volunteer is JILL

    Jill has been a volunteer for halowsince 2012 and is now one of our most dedicated supporters, because of this Jill has become a Building Futures Assistant.

    I joined halow as a volunteer early last year after hearing such lovely things about the charity.   Being a Landscape Gardener I initially helped Jason and the young people with the halow allotment.  Pretty soon I realised just how addictive being involved with halow is and am now involved in many of the social activities, workshops and helping Sara and Mel with the Buildings Futures group. I can truly say that volunteering for halow is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done; it is a real privilege to be involved in such a wonderful organisation”                                                           

    Thank you Jill!

    Tuesday's Famous five volunteer is AMY

    I have been volunteering for Halow now for over a year and its fantastic.   The great thing about Halow is the variety of activities that are in place for the young people and the happiness that it brings them.  All the young people are a pleasure to be with and the staff make you feel very comfortable in your role as a volunteer.  I gain so much by volunteering for halow and most of all,  I enjoy seeing the young people laugh, smile and have fun whilst in the community. This wonderful charity really does make the difference to the young people and is fantastic. I am currently working at Guildford College in the Supported Learning Department and it is great to see some of the young people from halow at the college"

    Thank you Amy!

    Wednesday's Famous five volunteer CLAIR

    Clair has been volunteering since 2010 and because of her dedication and enthusiasm for halow she supports many of our social activities including our Haslemere workshops. Clair’s long standing commitment has meant that she now takes the lead in supporting our Friday Youth group every fortnight and because of all her hard work, halow would like to recognise her efforts by making her Wednesday’s volunteer of the day"

    Thank you Clair!

    Thursday's Famous five volunteer DERMOT

    "As well as being one of our young people, Dermot is one of our lovely volunteers who has supported our Friday Youth Group for the past 18 months. He has also committed time to various halow events throughout this time. halow would like to thank Dermot for his continued support and also for acting to inspire our other young people to get involved in voluntary work"

    Thank you Dermot!

    Friday's Famous five volunteer is our Peer Mentor group

    "The Peer to Peer scheme was set up by Eileen. After a year of volunteering she recognised that some of our young people could go further and has spent the past year mentoring some of our young people. The first year of Peer to Peer has seen Kayleigh, Amy, Cassi and Victoria (some of our very lovely young people) complete their first year of supporting their peers on Building Futures (BF), and what a fantastic job they have done! Through the guidance of Eileen, the Peer to Peer group have not only learned about supporting the BF group, but also about how to recognise safeguarding issues, and awareness of their own self development.Well done Peer to Peer, keep up the good work!"

    Thank you to our peer peer to group