Get Your ARTGU Festival Gear

Nicholas Cross
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    It's festival month across the UK. With the likes of Glastonbury, Lovebox and Latitude all showcasing amazing acts this summer, what better way to celebrate than with some of your very own halow festival gear. 

    Young people on halow's A Reason To Get Up initiative have been working hard to make fun, colourful and reasonably priced festival accessories. At Guilfest, this year, the Crafty Creations group will be selling their handmade festival wear. There's lots to choose from including flower headbands, flower wristbands, funky hats, and multi coloured Glamps (festival lamps).'s all cleverly made from recycled material!

    If you're at Guilfest on Saturday 18th July then visit the, Spaced Inn tent, where you can buy some of these awesome products or even have a go at making your own.

    Please email for more details on the halow stall or to have us at your festival.