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    ‘I was doing a lot less, sometimes nothing at all. It was boring to be at home...halow has been amazing for me! It’s great to go to halow. I’m writing my own future and feel in control.’

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    Amy is just one of our halow young people who experienced social isolation and low self esteem once she had finished education. Young people with a learning disability face daily struggles during this uncertain time in their life which can lead to our young people facing social isolation and exclusion. These serious issues can lead our young people to experience a downward spiral causing poor mental and physical health. This leaves our young people unable to cope with the demands of life such as socialising with friends, living independently and participating in education or employment opportunities.

    Our Fit for life project supports our young people with a learning disability in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Our programmes such as A Reason to Get Up, Building Futures and Social Activities help young people keep happy in a busy, confusing and challenging world. Our supportive pathway allows our young people to receive advice, support, build long lasting friends and learn how to flourish in everyday life.

    Our aim is that young people just like Amy meet the challenges they will face – Fit for Life!

    Finding halow and especially the A Reason to Get Up programme, was a catalyst of change for Amy. Through halow’s Fit Club  Amy has learnt how to live a healthier lifestyle. She’s now happier, fitter, more confident, independent and finding much more self-worth through making friends and living a full and busy life. Amy enjoys our IT Crowd and has developed a love of writing and supporting the development of the halow newsletter Spotlight. She has found a sense of purpose and A Reason to Get Up is a great channel to show her talents. She’s looking forward to the future and building upon her new developed skills even further.

    Our Fit for life project aims to raise over £40,000 so we can support even more young people like Amy live happier and healthier lives.

    By donating through The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 you can help us reach more young people facing mental and physical health problems to take control of their life. For 1 week only your donation can be doubled and will make twice the impact when supporting our Fit for life project.

    Thank you to our campaign champion The Hospital Saturday Fund who have shown their support already for this much-needed work. You can make a difference to young people with a learning disability by donating quickly and securely online through The Big Give Portal. 

    Watch our Building Futures song and see for yourself just why our Fit for Life project is a lifeline for our halow young people.