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Cook & Grow - Organic September With Soil Association

  • With the launch of our "Cook & Grow" activities as part of our A Reason To Get Up campaign, we felt it was a perfect fit to be part of the Organic September Campaign (Find Out More) in partnership with The Soil Association.

    During September we will be showing off the work the young people at the halow project have undertaken and teach them the vital role fresh fruit and veg plays as part of a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the month they will be able to identify and explain what makes food organic and help others to make better life choices when it comes to healthy eating.

    We are also working closely with the local social project "The Trash Canteen". Run by the Boileroom in Guildford, their aim is to educate local residents on how to better use fresh food and reduce overall waste. The canteen itself helps feed those with limited resources throughout the year. As we produce fresh fruit and veg, donations will be made on behalf of our young people to help supply the canteen.

    We have also recently partnered up with the Salvation Army in Guildford to volunteer in their food bank and also donate a portion of the produce from our allotment.

    If you wish to help us continue to support the development of young people in and around Surrey, please place a small donation via the link below: Donations Welcome!

    If a donation isn't possible, please support our cause by following and sharing our social media pages: