Care Quality Commission Results


    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are the independent regulator for all care services in England, halow care was inspected December 2019. Two inspectors spent the day at the office; they were able to speak to a variety of young people, parents, buddies, one of our trustees, as well as the halow care office staff and our external care advisor.

    We received our draft report on 17th January and the final report was published a week later with a rating of ‘good’ in all areas and ‘good’ overall. The lead inspector told me that they had really enjoyed their visit to halow and that it was great to see our values in action. She commented that we have a lovely service, that our drive and focus on individuals clearly shone out to her and to keep doing what we are doing in our mission to develop an outstanding service. It was fantastic to hear this from our inspector and to read the positive quotes from the young people, families and buddies contained within the report.