Moving Out

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    Moving out

    I am thinking of moving out of my dad’s house. I feel excited and nervous. I thought of moving out sometime last year. I spoke to my dad Kevin first and my mum Clare and Jill my Step mum and halow and to get a halow house. I wanted to be close to my dad Kevin it was arranged with the council. Last Thursday 22nd January at 15.30pm I had my first meeting about moving out!!!!


     I was nervous I didn’t need to be because we had the meeting at my house. My mum Clare, Dad Kevin and Jill Step mum and a very nice lady called Alison. Alison is helping find a house to live and she’s very kind. When I move in I can decorate my new room in my new house. The colour is lilac and white with a unicorn and rainbow!!!! Alison told me I get support in things I need help with my cooking and keeping my room tidy and hygiene J. I will be making friends in a group first before I share my house with any of them.

    I’m not sure when my next meeting is I will let you know how it goes

    I changed my family name so it’s private.