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heres some recipes to do tonight and next year

  • pancake2.png
    • Traditional

    Lemon and sugar

    • Fruit Burst

    Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

    • Sweet and Simple

    Maple syrup

    • Chocolate Surpise

    Broken milk or white chocolate bar in ice cream or ontop of ice cream

    • Banana splat

    bananas and custard

    • Fruit Splash

    Mangos strawberries and grapes

    • Apple Crunch

    cinnamon apple ( heat cooking apples and oats in a pan cover them in as much sugar as you like and sprinkle cinnamon powder. When apples are soft put them on your pancakes)

    • Sam's crazy creation

    banana blueberries sugar honey and ice cream

    • Sara's cornish hit

    broken toffee pieces with rum and rasin ice cream with cornish cream

    • Aisha's banana banoffee

    butterscotch syrup banana and nutella

    •  Toffana Berry

    Carnation toffee with bananas and strawberries

     have fun making your pancakes yum yum yum