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This is a message from Chris he is a halow young person. This is what he said about getting work

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    “My name is Chris and I enjoy going to some of the social activities put on by halow.  I also work for 16.5 hours a week at a supermarket.  I work as a Trolley Assistant in the Car Park.  It took me a long time to find work and to decide what I wanted to try and do.  These things helped me most when I was looking for work:

     - My buddy and my parents helped me to look for voluntary work and jobs and apply for them. The voluntary work gave me some of  the skills and experience I needed for paid work.

     - Employability often came along to job interviews with me to support me.

     - I looked for jobs on websites and in newspapers almost every day.

     - I got the job at Morrisons because I went to a job club every other week with my buddy and they helped me apply to Morrisons.

     - I tried to be as flexible as possible when I applied for a job.  Nobody really wants to work at the weekend but I knew I would have to agree to work on either a Saturday or a Sunday if I wanted a job with a supermarket. 

     - Most important of all keep trying and do not give up!”