A-Z of Fundraising

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    Art exhibition: If you, your friends and family are the creative kinds, why not hire your local village hall and showcase the work your proudest of? You can charge a small entrance fee, serve a drink or two and put your latest masterpieces on sale!

    Bake sale: The British favourite fundraising method! This can be done anywhere, in your garden, at work or a local venue, get in touch with your inner Mary Berry and put the oven on! You can theme them for times of the year like Easter, Christmas or a summer tea.

    Car boot sale, because it’s never too late for a spring clean! Go through clothes, books, what’s around the house that you haven’t looked twice at in the last few months. Ask friends and family if there’s anything they’d like to get rid of too and price it reasonably. You’d be surprised at what you can make for your unwanted items!

    Damon Hill Karting Challenge: Every year, halow host the Damon Hill Karting Challenge to give you the chance to race against the pros. If you're an aspiring petrol-head, this is right up your street! Find out more here.

    Easter egg hunt! You don’t need a woodland area for good hiding spaces! Hide them around the house, or get the office involved.

    Fundraise for free. Did you know with websites such as Give as You Live you’re actually supporting charity just by doing your usual online shop?

    Give something up- the harder it is, the more you’ll raise! Smoking, processed sugar, alcohol are popular ones, but you could also give up shopping sprees, caffeine or *gulp* social media!

    halow250, our biggest fundraising event of the year. 250 miles across England and France, you can make memories to last a lifetime at this amazing event. Or, for the homesick prone, join in with a static250- hire some cycling machines and get your friends, family and colleagues to help you reach 250 miles! Find out more or register today. 

    Indoor sports day, because British weather is temperamental at the best of times!

    Juice stand, like the lemonade stand of your childhood but with a twist. Why not have a selection of juices, including some ‘alternative’ mixtures, and people pay to guess the flavour- then risk a sip!

    Knitting competition, even better if it’s against two people who have never knitted before. Have people place bets on who can knit the longest scarf in the space of 2 weeks or so.

    Loose change collection. Ask us for some tins and place them around the office for people to empty their loose change in to, extra handy if you have a canteen at work.

    MARATHON, because you didn’t think fundraising was all cakes and games, right? We know running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the harder the challenge the more likely you are to raise the support of those around you. Find something achievable like a 5k challenge and do something amazing.


    Name the baby. Obviously, not a real baby- find a baby photo of a celebrity, or someone in the office, and see who guesses right!

    Open Garden Party, like your own summer fete in the back garden. Coconut shine, welly throwing, raffle, make some treats and open a few bottles and you’ll be laughing.

    Pancake morning. Nay-sayers will say this is only for Shrove Tuesday, but we couldn’t disagree more! Make it fun and try some pancake art, a pancake flipping competition and a pancake race.

    Quiz night! Get a couple of people involved to create different rounds in the quiz. Everything from ‘guess the title of this song’, ‘match the company to the logo’, ‘guess the film quote’ to a miscellaneous round, get peoples competitive streak up!

    Raffle: Purchase or make a prize and sell tickets to everyone you know. Make the prize a surprise and let peoples curiosity get the better of them.

    Skydive. Because why not? A once in a lifetime experience, and people will be so impressed you’re bound to raise more than you think. You can even pay to have the experience recorded for your sponsors to enjoy!

    Talent show. The term ‘talent’ can used and loosely as you like, from ventriloquist acts to touching your elbow with your tongue, let people show off the skills they’re proud of!

    Unwanted present sale. We’ve all done it- regifted presents we weren’t too keen on. But this way, you can get rid of unwanted presents guilt-free! Best hosted at work where nobody’s feelings can be wounded and everyone can bring their bubble bath sets and oven gloves for someone else to enjoy.

    Volunteer! You don’t have to donate money- donating your time is just as valuable. halow are always looking for volunteers to help out with our Social Activities in the evenings or at weekends and help around the office. We think you’ll love it. Not sure? Read more here. 

    Wax-on, wax-off. Get your hairiest friend to bare it all in the name of charity, it’s amazing how many people will sponsor someone to endure a hot wax. Let people bid for the privilege of the first wax strip!

    Xtreme events. Through Charity Challenge, you can find all kind of challenges from climbing Mount Fuji to kayaking across Brazil, if you have an eye for adventure anything is possible.

    Yes-day. One day, where people can ask you anything, and you say yes. You may agree to wash a few cars, do a few rounds of laundry or bring people’s lunches for a week- but charge a fee for every ask, and see how much you raise!

    Zipline, perfect for adrenaline-junkies to try something new and earn some much-needed funds for halow.

    Feeling inspired? We hope so! halow relies on the donations and fundraising from the public, however big or small the challenge, we would love to hear from you. Contact fundraising@halowproject.org.uk to receive your fundraising pack.