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There is always so much going on at halow, and we will do our best to keep you up to date with all our activities on this page. 

For full press releases, or if you have any news which you think will be of interest, please get in touch with Ann Kenney: Ann.Kenney@halowproject.org.uk

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30 Jun 2014
Hannah Adair
Find out more about halow fundraiser organised by Seaford College Choir and halow supporters.
30 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
Read on for all the exciting halow news this June.
28 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
Forever Queen charity gig goes off with a bang! Read on for news of the surprise special guest.
19 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
halow was guest of honour at Charley Brown's Hair & Beauty.
16 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
Please read on for more information on how you can help halow for SCW2014. It WON'T cost you a thing!
3 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
Queen charity gig in aid of halow coming soon! Read on for more info and don't miss out.
1 Jun 2014
Nicholas Cross
Get involved with our fun campaign throughout June & 'Wear a Hat for halow.' Read on for details.
News 1-7 of 7