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There is always so much going on at halow, and we will do our best to keep you up to date with all our activities on this page. 

For full press releases, or if you have any news which you think will be of interest, please get in touch with Ann Kenney: Ann.Kenney@halowproject.org.uk

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11 May 2015
Hannah Adair
Join us on Friday 8th of May for a fabulous fashion fundraiser! Find out more here.
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3 May 2015
Hannah Adair
On the last day of the ride, having cycled 250 miles, the peleton arrived in Guildford to warm sunshine, family and friends and a fantastic fundraising total! 
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2 May 2015
Hannah Adair
The cheery support crew make all the difference to cyclists in tough, wet conditions over 120 miles through Northern France, find out how they got on here.
1 May 2015
Hannah Adair
Find out how our intrepid group of halow250 riders got on on their first day in the saddle.
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28 Apr 2015
Hannah Adair
Damon Hill rides for halow once again!
23 Apr 2015
Hannah Adair
Find out what happened when ARTGU took to the Farmer's Market to sell their handmade crafts.
21 Apr 2015
Richard Nelson
A team from EA Games and young people from ARTGU transformed the halow allotment recently - getting the site ready for summer and planting a variety of vegetables.
17 Apr 2015
Hannah Adair
Find out what happened when ARTGU went over to Harris + Hoole Tesco, Guildford.
2 Apr 2015
Hannah Adair
Get news and information on an important awareness day- WAAD 2015
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27 Mar 2015
Hannah Adair
Find out how the LK Bennet Fashion show at Bar Des Arts, Guildford went and how much was raised.
News 141-150 of 270