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Meet the team

Damon Hill OBE

Damon Hill OBE


Our Patron is Damon Hill, OBE, who needs no introduction.  A former Formula One World Champion, he also champions the rights of people with learning disabilities and is a hard working and committed ambassador for halow.


Nimmy March - Lady Naomi Burke


An established character actor, voiceover artist and mother of three, Nimmy is passionate about giving children and young people the best possible start in life and supporting them in achieving their full potential. “I am always impressed by the young people at halow and enjoy seeing the impact of their hard work in achieving their personal goals whatever they may be. I am delighted to call myself a halow Ambassador to help spread the word on the work they do and help create opportunities for young people with a learning disability to live meaningful and fulfilled lives.”

2b_John Stevens - Incoming Chairman of halow.jpg

John Stevens


John Stevens has been practicing in the accountancy and finance sector since 1981.  He advises halow on fundraising, finance and compliance. He is a partner in a City of London Accountancy Practice and holds several directorships in range of companies in different industries.

Prior to setting up his own accountancy practice John worked for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and accounting firm Ernst & Young. 

Martin Day.jpg

Martin Day


"As one of the founders, I have been a part of the halow project from its beginning and now as a trustee I aim to bring my skills, from building and developing my own company, to support the team to fulfil its long term plans. Of all the halow objectives, as a parent the one I value above all is the organisation’s passion that our young people have a voice and the right to their own life choices.

The skill, thought, care and ambition to enable this is considerable and we have a fantastic team to achieve it and I look forward to making a contribution."  

Georgie Hill.jpg

Georgie Hill


“I became a Trustee because I feel very passionately about halow and their ethos towards the young people who join us.  I have seen an amazing change in our own son, who has Down’s Syndrome and who has really blossomed since his involvement with halow – I would like to see that in as many young people as possible, and becoming a Trustee is an exciting opportunity to help achieve this.”


Matt McArthur


"It's been a pleasure and privilege to be one of halow's trustees since it's inception. Seeing first hand how the charity has grown and developed into the organisation it is today has been very satisfying and I pay tribute to all those who have helped along the way and continue to strive today to keep improving and serving our young people."


Richard Meins


"It does not seem very long ago when we all first sat down in my front room with some basic ideas, it is so rewarding to see how halow has developed in a relatively short time into the organisation it is today.  Yvonne and her team have done a fantastic job in taking our basic ideas and concepts and developing them into something very special that has changed so many lives. We will continue to keep the hopes and dreams of our young people as our driving force and the focus of everything we do"

Richard is the founder of Arrow Shipping Group, a global Ship-broking company with offices in Europe and the Far East. He is also a passionate motor racing driver who regularly competes in international events throughout the world.


Tim Oliver


"Without Harriet, Amber, Laura, Oliver and Will there would be no halow.  As Will's father I have been taken on a truly enlightening journey into a world I never imagined I would be involved in. Our children gave us the inspiration to set up halow, to help improve the lives of young adults with a learning difficulty. It is remarkable all that has been achieved so far. The journey continues every day as halow continues to learn to make a difference to the young people we support."

Chris Evan.jpg

Chris Evans


"I recently retired from full-time executive work as a CEO in financial services and wanted to put some time and energy into charity work. I have an awesome brother, Jules, with Downs Syndrome and wish he and others like him had the help halow provides when he was a young person. Young people are being keenly engaged in an amazing array of opportunities to develop, learn, take independent steps and embrace life. I see staff and volunteers stretching themselves to give their talents and care, and love doing so.

I look forward to helping Ann and the team plan and deliver the strategy for halow’s next chapter."