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Campbell Livingston

Director of Business Services, halow care

Campbell has over 20 years' experience in the sport, media, charity and education sectors.  For the last decade he was Director of Active Surrey, the county's lead agency for physical activity, and responsible for Board and staff development, major funding applications and writing and implementing county-wide, multi-partner strategies.  Over the last few years he significantly increased Active Surrey's diverse income streams, re-focused delivery on high priority groups, attained Quest (the leisure industry business quality standard) and met the UK's Code for Sports Governance.

Campbell has lived in Guildford for 13 years, is a trustee on the Athena Schools Trust Board and has extensive event management experience at both local and international sports competitions.

Campbell said, "I am really excited to be joining halow as it is such a well-run charity with a great team of committed staff, trustees and supporters who make such a massive difference to the lives of young people with learning disabilities."


Graham O'Connor

Director of halow project Services

I joined halow in April 2016 as the Building Futures Manager, and have overseen its expansion from a one year to a three-year rolling programme.

I feel passionate about our Building Futures programme. The best thing about my role is seeing the young people develop through the programme, and then seeing them achieve things that nobody would have thought possible! I am really proud of all of the achievements that the young people make with us.

Working for halow is fantastic because the charity has such strong roots in helping people achieve their goals and build their futures. 

My favourite halow memory...
...After all of the hard work of expanding into a progressive 3-year programme, our first Year C decided to have a go at doing their Duke of Edinburgh silver award expeditions on bikes! I think it shows the Building Futures ethos of being highly person-centred, and maximising the achievements of every young person. 

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Aisha Ariakutti

A Reason to Get Up Co-ordinator

I started my journey with halow project in 2013 when I was studying for an MSC in Learning Disabilities, and now I am the A Reason to Get Up Coordinator. I deliver some wonderfully creative activities, the best thing about it is how the young people make each day different.

What makes halow different is that the young people are definitely in the driving seat, making decisions about their lives. I am really lucky to see the journey a lot of our young people have experienced over the years, you don’t get that in many other jobs.

My favourite part of the day...
Is laughing! There is always something that makes you feel cheerful when working here.

Jason B

Jason Butcher

Social Activities Co-ordinator

As Social Activities Coordinator, I make visits to schools and colleges and transition events to promote all our services, network with local organisations to come up with new events and activities. I also interview possible new volunteers- and that’s not including all the activities we do day to day!

Why I love my job…
…No two days are the same. I enjoy seeing the young people come to the office and knowing in some way well overa 1100 of them who come on our activities.  I also enjoy seeing the parents being able to take a break from their responsibilities in the knowledge their young person will be looked after and, most importantly, will be having fun and meeting their friends.

I have been at halow since we first started working with the young people in January 2009, so I have known some of our young people for nearly 10 years and seeing them grow and be more independent has been amazing!


Karen Parrant

HR Manager

I joined halow in 2012 as a part-time Admin Officer, and since been given the opportunity to develop with the organisation. Now my role at halow entails more HR responsibilities, and with halow’s support, I am currently studying an HR Diploma with CIPD.  

My role isn’t directly service facing and impacting the young people we support; however, I have learnt how my role does indirectly support our young people by developing strategies and policies to support our team that are out there supporting our young people. halow work to clear values and behaviours and offering continued support with staff training, team away days, staff welfare support and just trying to be the best that we can be.

My favourite halow memories…
…I love going to watch Building Futures compete in the Guildford raft race every July, it is such a great atmosphere with huge numbers of the community turning out to support the race and there is such sense of achievement for the young people when they cross that finishing line.

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Jonny Wells

Deputy halow care services Manager
Jane W

Jane Wilcox

halow care Service Assistant

I started as a Buddy in February 2011 and in June that year became the halow Buddy Assistant. I am now the halow Care Assistant, liaising with parents, carers, young people and Buddies.

I love talking to the young people when they come into the office and seeing the progress they’ve made in the years that I’ve known them. I also look forward to working with my fantastic colleagues, halow really is special in its passion from the staff; everything we do puts the young people first.

A happy halow memory...
...Supporting a group of young people at Butlins for the weekend, everyone had such a brilliant time! It's really gratifying seeing the young people we support enjoy themselves thanks to halow. 



Juliet Stanford

halow Care Service Manager

I joined the halow team in 2016, now working as the halow Care Services Manager. My role involves everything from helping our young people find accommodation, to training Buddies to help our young people live their lives independently.

What’s great about halow is that it’s all about the young people, everything we do strives towards helping young people with a learning disability have the same opportunities as anyone else.

My favourite halow memory…
...When I started at halow, I attended a lot of the Social Activities to get to know the people we support. We had an incredible day at Thorpe Park, everyone had so much fun and I really felt like I was becoming part of the halow family!

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Helene Williams

Fundraising Manager

I originally joined halow in March 2017 as a fundraising volunteer, progressing in 2018 to a permanent position as Fundraising Manager.  

We try to engage in as many different fundraising methods as possible, continuously looking for new and adventurous ways to raise money for the charity. There is always something new happening where can help raise funds or awareness of halow, it’s important we remain current with our fundraising strategies and campaigns. There is nothing better than receiving a donation from a fundraising event, knowing it will help a young person with a learning disability live the life they choose

The best thing about my job…
…Sometimes the young people we support come to the office after attending one of our programmes, and they tell me about the fantastic day or activity they’ve had with their friends. Talking to the young people makes me feel so happy and proud, I understand why I am doing my job. They are all amazing, and spending time with them is really rewarding.

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Mel Simmonds

Building Futures Assistant Manager and Year A Leader

Kirk Foat

Building Futures Year Leader
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Siona Booth

Building Futures Year Leader
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Gemma Le Brun

Building Futures Project Worker
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Mike Austin

Building Futures Project Worker
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Preeti Patel

Business Support Officer
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Ruth Cheah

A Reason To Get Up Project Worker
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Rosie Walker

Fundraising Officer
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Katie Arbon

Cross Project Worker
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Alex Matuszewska

Admin Assistant
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Clare Byrnes

Accounts Assistant
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Sarah Squire

Trusts and Grants Manager