About Us

Overall, halow aims to ensure that every person with a learning disability has the same life choices and chances as any other person.

The young people we work with want the opportunity to:

  • Build relationships 
  • Become part of the community 
  • Find meaningful employment 
  • Have a home of their own

halow project is a registered charity providing opportunities and support for young people to access social activities, community based learning and work like experiences. Our work is funded through a mixed model of fees, fundraising and enterprise.

Our social enterprise, halow care, is a not-for-profit community interest company which runs alongside the halow project. halow care provides 1:1 support for young people through our halow Buddy Service and Supported Living Service. We aim that any surplus from these services should support our charitable activities.


The inspiration for halow came from Harriet, Amber, Laura, Oliver and William, each having a learning disability.  Their parents, all friends, came together at the beginning of 2006 concerned with the prospect for their children's future and others like them. Passionate that these young people should lead positive and happy lives, near their own friends and families in Surrey, the parents established the halow project.

From one room and one person in 2006, halow has grown to employ 15 people, with 45 Buddies and 55 volunteers.  We support over 150 young people in their quest to lead meaningful, independent lives.

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Key Staff

We have grown over the last year and we now have 7 full time and 11 part time staff, all of whom play an important role in the growth and success of the halow project. 

Meet some of them here ...

Trustees & Patrons

In order for any charity to run effectively it requires a mix of Patrons with a presence and Trustees with passion, dedication and a mix of skills and talents. 

At halow we are very lucky to have a brilliant and devoted team of Trustees and an inspiring Patron.

Meet them here...